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Our Facilities.

An integral part of our success is our state-of-the-art facilities where we can ensure each thoroughbred gets every possible chance to reach their full racing potential.

Ballarat, Victoria.

In 2021 McEvoy Mitchell Racing opened their new, fully custom designed, 100-stable complex on course at Ballarat Turf Club.

The Ballarat complex has 65 indoor stables and 35 outdoor day yards. There are two huge 20-horse undercover walkers with a polytrack surface. There are two treadmills and an adjoining swimming pool.

Being on course with direct access to all of the incredible tracks and facilities at the Ballarat Turf Club gives the horses at McEvoy Mitchell Racing the best possible chance to fulfill their potential.

Innovative Racing For Success.

Innovative Racing for Success starts here. “I really do believe, it’s a bit like our kids; If you give them a really good start, you can get the best out of them.” - Tony McEvoy.

Visitors are welcome (by appointment)

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