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McEvoy Mitchell RacingLatest News McEvoy Mitchell Racing – Behind the scenes

McEvoy Mitchell Racing – Behind the scenes

January 2, 2019

The Kildalton Park training operation of Tony McEvoy is all about producing healthy and happy thoroughbreds on the racetrack.

No lesser racing enthusiast than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of the training setup at Angaston.

“Rooms with a view,” (for horses) is how she described the property when visiting the late Colin Hayes in 1977.

Trainer Tony McEvoy says he has to pinch himself daily about owning and working from the property he was introduced to as a 14-year-old.

“We are able to keep their minds healthy and fresh,” McEvoy said.

“It is a known fact that a happy horse will run faster and for longer.”

South Australian stable foreman John Cornell believes Kildalton Park is a “one-stop shop”.

“We have our own agistment, re-hab and spelling,” Cornell said.

“Everything is done under our careful eye.”

A property a nearby Murbko, situated adjacent the River Murray, is another key in the training success of Tony McEvoy.

“It was purchased originally by Colin Hayes, and when Wayne (Mitchell) and I spoke about purchasing Kildaton Park, I said Murbko had to be included,” McEvoy said.

Nick Hill, Spelling Farm manager at Murbko, agrees about the benefits of the property.

“It is an absolute advantage for the babies,” Hill said of the open paddocks and green Lucerne.

McEvoy said it had been proven horses spelling at Murbko only needed a month away from training to be completely refreshed, whereas on many other properties it could take up to two months.

The McEvoy Mitchell training experience is all about the betterment of the thoroughbred.