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  • 所有周岁马均会接受全面深入的兽医检查,确保其具备赛跑的能力;
  • Horses are trained by Tony and Calvin McEvoy and receive their individual attention of a daily basis;
  • Horses have the benefit of the world class facilities at our facilities at Angaston and Ballarat;
  • 无隐形“加价”;
  • You will receive regular updates on the progress of your horse, provided by the stable and personally by Tony or Calvin McEvoy;
  • You will receive an itemised monthly account;
  • 您将在每月收到一份明细账单;
  • 所有马主的姓名都会被登记在赌注纪录上,并享受马主特权,能够进入准备区域,以及享受门票特权等等
  • 们欢迎购置本公司马匹的马主随时来驯马基地看望爱马,观看训练,并参加我公司举办的各种社交活动;麦克沃伊米切尔公司遵从马主至上原则。

For inquiries regarding racehorse ownership, please contact:

Rayan Moore, Racing Manager. or mobile 0429 291 775 or complete the form below.