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McEvoy Mitchell RacingLatest News New opportunity for first-time owners

New opportunity for first-time owners

At McEvoy Mitchell Racing (MMR) we aspire to cater to all levels of racehorse owners, and in recent months, we have been receiving more inquiry from racing enthusiasts, looking to take ownership interests of less than 5%, than ever before.

Due to this rapidly growing segment of the market, we have decided to bring one of our trusted stable employees ‘out of the trenches’ and into the office, in the new role of Sales and Syndicates.

I would like to introduce to our owners, Jack Cripps, a West Australian-born, racing enthusiast and accomplished footballer, in his own right.

Jack (also known as Crippa or Spider) has recently completed the Thoroughbred Industry Careers’ (TIC) Explorer Program; the dedicated racing industry trainee program, to which MMR is a financial contributor. Jack finished at the top of his class and enjoyed placements at, Godolphin (stud) and MMR.

“Jack has a great character and a passion for pedigrees, bloodstock and form; so I think our like-minded owners will enjoy dealing directly with him” said Tony McEvoy.

Jack’s role will be to help first-time and smaller shareholders enter into horse ownership and then enhance the ownership experience once they have bought into the horse of their choice:

  • He will handle the registration and management of all new syndicates, on behalf of MMR, for those who don’t have the budget to take a 5% themselves.
  • Provide those syndicates’ members with opportunities to gain additional insight into their horses training and daily routines.
  • Will run networking events exclusive to those syndicates’ members.
  • Will also offer additional value-adding benefits for those syndicates’ members.

These additional services provided will incur a modest management fee of five dollars per week, charged monthly by MMR to the account of those syndicates’ members.

“I’m really glad that we will be welcoming lots more first-time owners and smaller shareholders to MMR,” said Calvin McEvoy.

“Jack has been in the trenches for us for the past year, so he will be able to give owners a great insight into the inner working of the MMR stable.”


If you have any friends or family who would like a small share in a horse, please get in touch with Jack Cripps today! | 0477 630 106