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McEvoy Mitchell RacingLatest News For the love of riding

For the love of riding

November 11 2018

For anyone with a love of riding horses, there is nothing better than being a track rider.

That is the opinion of Alyssia Shepherdson, track rider in Melbourne for McEvoy Mitchell Racing.

“It’s the best feeling,” Alyssia said. “The adrenaline rush you get is just amazing, it’s incredible.

“There s so much power underneath you – it is just the best job.”

For Alyssia, track riding is an early morning job before she heads off to the ‘real world’.

Alyssia starts at the stables of Tony McEvoy at 4am and is finished by 9am, the heads off for her studies at Melbourne University.

Track riding is very rewarding and becoming involved is easy.

Watch Alyssia’s story below, as featured in a recent Racing Victoria Careers In Racing campaign:


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